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Re: [scl.org] SCL packages and linker paths

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Le 27/07/2015 02:11, Noah Kantrowitz a écrit :
> Hi there. I'm working on some Chef tooling for Python and Ruby to
> allow swapping runtimes in a modular way. The easiest way to do
> this is to pass through different paths to a Python binary. For
> system packages, it uses /usr/bin/python while for SCL it uses
> /opt/rh/<something/root/usr/bin/python. This means not using the
> `scl enable` command though, which presents a problem. Most of the
> environment variables set in the enable files are nice but not
> required, but LD_LIBRARY_PATH presents an issue. Because the SCL
> binaries do not have an RPATH in their header, they simply fail to
> start in most cases, or locate the wrong libraries if there is
> overlap with system packages. Is there a compelling reason to not
> bake this RPATH into the SCL binaries directly? This would make it
> much easier to build tooling that treats the Python and Ruby
> packages as just another way to install things.

This is what the PHP build system doest for years.

Not use in PHP RHSCL because everything is in base system.
But various package in the php5xmore collection rely on this behavior.


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