[scl.org] New collections on RHSCL 2.0 not available on softwarecollection.org

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Fri Jun 12 09:32:30 UTC 2015



RedHat software collection 2.0 has been release few days

There is some new collections with this version ( rh-php56,
rh-mariadb100, rh-mysql56 for example) and some update on other existing
collections (php54 with 5.4.40 version, php55 with 5.5.21) 

collections are not available on www.softwarecollections.org repository.

I though www.softwarecollections.org was an upstream for RHSCL. 

would like to know if those new RHSCL collections are going to be
available on www.softwarecollections.org repository ? 

Kind regards

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