[scl.org] Names under /var/opt, /etc/opt

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Tue Mar 17 16:25:50 UTC 2015

On 02/26/2015 08:28 PM, Honza Horak wrote:


> original locations (in sample non-SCL package):
> /var/log/foo/food.log
> /var/lock/subsys/food
> /var/run/food.pid

I've realized this is not what we usually see in packages, the pid files 
are in the directories for specific package, so this should actually be 

> locations in fooX SCL:
> /var/opt/<vendor>/scls/fooX/log/foo/food.log
> /var/lock/subsys/fooX-food
> /var/run/fooX-food.pid

And this should then be /var/run/fooX-foo/food.pid


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