[scl.org] Plans for HTTPS verification in Python 2.7 SCL?

Honza Horak hhorak at redhat.com
Fri Nov 20 08:30:19 UTC 2015

Do I understand correctly that you're speaking about updating to newer 
versions than what we have in RHSCL?


On 11/20/2015 06:05 AM, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> With RHEL 7.2 going GA, and CentOS 7.201511 presumably not far behind,
> is there a public plan for incorporating the Python 2.7 SSL upgrades
> into the Python 2.7 software collection?
> Might it make sense to create a sclo-py2710 collection that rebased
> Python, pip, etc?
> Regards,
> Nick.

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