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Re: [scl.org] scl's release ?

We have slight problem with el6 packages, since there were already some builds before and in some cases there is no clean upgrade path, so we need to solve this first, then start to release.

Generally, we planned to release the SCLs in batches, but I admit it doesn't always go according to plan, which was having all the collections be announced during November. We'll re-consider how this is going to be done on Monday and will let know here.

The collections that we already tested are available already at:
The announcement will follow hopefully on Monday.


On 10/29/2015 03:51 PM, Jarek Polok wrote:
Hi all,

Apologies if the question has been asked before ... but
I could not find the answer:

When are SCLo collections going to be released ?

I see that most packages are already built on
cbs.centos.org .. since few weeks ?)

looking at the list archives I see there are
upgrade path problems for (some?) collections
on 6, but what about 7 ?



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