[scl.org] Image naming for centos-based images

Josef Stribny jstribny at redhat.com
Thu Oct 22 09:41:35 UTC 2015

> We're trying to make them consistent at least in the community space,
> without making them needlessly complex or redundant. To your 
> question, I
> would posit that in the community space, it doesn't matter. The
> container users simply aren't interested in whether they're based on
> fedora 21 or fedora 22. The users are after the application, not the 
> OS.
> The OS itself is largely invisible in the container ecosystem except 
> as
> a host or base container.

I agree people are after an application, but I actually don't like not 
knowing the underlying system and
I even think that CentOS has a good reputation and can draw attention 
to these images...

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