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Re: [scl.org] collections sclo-vagrant1, rh-ror41 and rh-ruby22 ready

it would be great to have a SCL's section on wiki.centos.org along with some getting started content ( maybe something generic for all the scl's - even if the content is short and has a url leading to a softwarecollections.org page for more info ). and then it would be great to have a single page for the major collections, like vagrant. a quickstart gives us something to url and send announcement traffic to, and has typically proven to be a good engagement point even down the road.

I can prepare something for Ruby/Vagrant although I am not familiar with contributions to
the CentOS wiki.

Finally, I've written a test that stress's a box in libvirt and another test that does the same for vbox, do we want to have more testing ? should we be testing things other than 'the box comes up, i can login' etc finally, I am hoping there is an update cadence in place. Someone is going to be doing updates for these collections right ?

Do you miss something there now? I plan to do updates for Vagrant scl, but not sure if
that often as for Fedora. But surely fixes especially connected with Fedora/RHEL/CentOS
guests should be added (some are missing now).

Best Regards

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