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[scl.org] Red Hat Software Database Provider



Would you be interested in acquiring Red Hat Software Database of the following companies across the globe?


Ø  Oracle Corporation

Ø  VMware

Ø  Symantec

Ø  Azure

Ø  Novell


List Contains: Name, Company's Name, Phone Number, Fax Number, Job Title, Email address, Complete Mailing Address, SIC code, Company revenue, size, Web address etc. All Technology / Companies Partners and Users List, IT decision Makers from Fortune 500 Companies, IT Decision Makers from SME as well.


Kindly specify If you are interested in any another job titles / any other industry vertical across the globe.


Please let me know your thoughts on it or you could pass this email to the right person in your company.



Jill Jimenez

Demand Generation


                                To Opt Out Please Response “Remove”



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