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[scl.org] New Collection for CentOS 7 - pidgin with Voice and Video / Skype for Business integration ?

Hello all

We are working on a software collection for our organization: pidgin messenger with voice/video enabled allowing for integration with Lync / Skype for Business IM/Voice/Video/File Transfer/Desktop Sharing/Conference:


(a rather preliminary build, kind of proof of concept, packages quality to be improved, but rather functional ..)

It uses the code from: https://github.com/tieto/ (patched farstream2/
remmina/freerdp/libnice/pidgin/sipe) plus few packages from Fedora 25 (gstreamer1/gupnp/AV codecs etc).

We could contribute this and include in CentOS SCls (if there is some interest of course), however there might be a small problem here: among all the packages needed there is a h264 video decoder based on ffmpeg
required for Skype for Business video stream decoding (packages: ffmpeg/
gstreamer1-libav/gstreamer1-plugins-ugly): my understanding is that
ffmpeg based packages were not included in Fedora/Red Hat due to legal/licensing reasons - and therefore I assume these would not be included in CentOS either, is that correct ?

The option could be to provide all other packages and point users to
a 3rd party repository (alike rpmfusion or nux-dextop.. etc) for h264 decoding functionality (but still we would need to provide gstreamer1-plugins-ugly package which needs to be built against ffmpeg/gstreamer1-libav .. which could be problematic to build in cbs.centos.org as would require access to 3rd party repos in build

Is this something we could contribute ?

I would be glad to hear your opinion.

Best Regards


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