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Re: [scl.org] sclo-mod_auth_mellon ( was Re: Self-introduction)


On 01/27/2016 07:56 AM, Remi Collet wrote:
Le 26/01/2016 17:29, Jarek Polok a écrit :

Thanks for comments !

Looking at your work with php55 ..  I came up with
the following initial attempt at sclo packaging:

I think you have look at the mod_php package.
Bad example ;)

yep ;-)

This one is really part of the PHP scl
(and create some files in the httpd24 collection)

I was thinking of packages in the sclo-php5x namespace
Ex: https://github.com/sclorg-distgit/php-pecl-apfd

Those package are really part of the php5# collections: not a separate
collection, no meta package, built using php5#-build.

OK, thank you for the info, making the change now.


Yes, I think you can do something like this,
using sclo-httpd24-mod_auth-mellon
and providing httpd24-mod_auth-mellon

Name: sclo-%{scl_prefix}mod_auth_mellon

... but ... can we have a collection without the SCL
packages ... ? (-runtime/-scldevel/-build ..)

Yes, but, this is not reaaly a collection, only a set of packages,
extending a collection, from a different vendor.


Ok, thanks Remi! : I believe that this spec shall work:


What would be next step to start building with cbs.centos.org ?
(I got the account - jpolok , and got approved as sig-sclo

Requesting build targets ?:

sclo{6,7}-sclo-mod_auth_mellon-sclo-el{6,7} ?



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_ http://cern.ch/~jpolok ________ tel_+41_22_767_1834 _
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