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Re: [scl.org] Listing collections on softwarecollections.org ?

You can log in via Fedora FAS account and "import" a new collection there. The URL will use your FAS username, so I'm just thinking about creating one common username for collections from SCLo SIG, so the links would not have to include particular usernames (they could if you prefer).

Suggested common FAS could be: sclo or sclosig


On 06/01/2016 09:36 AM, Jarek Polok wrote:
Hi all,

Now that sclo-git25, sclo-subversion19 and sclo-httpd24more
collections are available via Centos sclo repos:

How could I proceed to get these listed on:



(I believe that on this list are few people who
manage the web site in question ?)



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