[scl.org] New SCLo collection: subversion19 ?

Jarek Polok Jaroslaw.Polok at cern.ch
Fri Mar 4 10:41:43 UTC 2016

Hello list

At present subversion versions on 6 and 7 differ
(1.6.X vs. 1.7.x): and these two version use incompatible
structure of local working copy (checkout).

In our place where user accounts data is stored
on a shared filesystem above causes major
inconvenience for users developing for both 6 and 7

To work around such problems I would like to propose
to introduce

sclo-subversion19 collection for 6 and 7

- if there is some interest I would like to start
working on packaging ..

Your opinions ?

Best Regards

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_ http://cern.ch/~jpolok ________ tel_+41_22_767_1834 _
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