[scl.org] spec2scl needs a tty?

Robert Kuska rkuska at redhat.com
Mon Mar 7 09:53:34 UTC 2016

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> Subject: [scl.org] spec2scl needs a tty?
> We are working on automating RPM builds (including SCL builds) using
> Bamboo. Our automated scripts work great when we run them at the command
> line, but when we run them via Bamboo, they fail because there is a
> line that calls 'spec2scl' and spec2scl has code in it like this:
>     if len(args.specfiles) > 0 and not sys.stdin.isatty():
>         parser.error(
>             'You must either specify specfile(s) or reading from stdin, not
>             both.')
> Does anyone know the reasoning behind this?

When I added to spec2scl functionality to process specfiles sent to it via stdin
I found sys.stdin.isatty to be the best function to detect if I have any anything
to read from. To keep spec2scl simple I decided that it would the best 
(as described in error message) to either have specfiles provided as argument or
via stdin, not both.

The problem for you, if I understand you correctly is that you are invoking
in your scripts spec2scl using arguments but Bamboo sends into something via stdin,
or do you want to use both (argument+stdin) methods at once?

Please feel free to open an issue at 

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