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Re: [scl.org] New SCLo collection: git25 ?


I'm also deploying a site-wide Gitlab installation at work and would happily
use an sclo-git25 collection. I could also help with packaging if needed.

Best regards,

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Betreff: [scl.org] New SCLo collection: git25 ?

Hello list

Current rh collections contain git19 one and my understanding is RH is not
going to put a newer git version in there anytime soon (?) ..

In our place we have received numerous user requests to provide git at least
version 2.X on 6 and 7 platforms. We have also recently deployed a GitLab
site-wide installation which would profit from using git >= 2.0 client (my
understanding is that this concerns gc.autoDetach option which prevents
"slow pushes" when garbage collection happens)

Therefore I would like to propose to introduce

sclo-git25 collection for 6 and 7

I think it would be an useful addon - and if there is some interest I would
like to start working on packaging ..

Your opinions ?

Best Regards

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