[scl.org] [CentOS-devel] CentOS SCLo SIG sync-up meeting (2016-05-17)

Remi Collet rcollet at redhat.com
Tue May 17 12:57:57 UTC 2016

> Also, adding some of the packages
> available in php5x-more to the official php scls, like the mcrypt and
> imap modules for example?

I have started adding some in centos-sclo-sclo repository


I was mostly waiting for user feedback before adding more.


- mcrypt => missing libmcrypt which is not in RHEL/CentOS for very good

See: http://blog.remirepo.net/post/2015/07/07/About-libmcrypt-and-php-mcrypt

I think all serious project have dropped dep. on this extension (and
often only keep it as a fallback when openssl not availalble)

- imap => missing libc-client

So all is about, what should we do for dependencies not in base
repository (but in EPEL).


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