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[scl.org] #0010838: support for RHEL's 7Server in centos-release-scl

I'm trying to get ticket #0010838 fixed[1] which would allow
centos-release-scl (and -rh) to be used unaltered on RHEL to access the
SCLo SIG's repositories. Not all RHELs have the upstream RHSCL repos,
and there are additional collections published by the SIG that are useful.

In the Foreman project I'd like to mirror this RPM to provide
centos-release-scl for all EL users during installation to get access to
SCLo builds and rebuilds. I'm aware of the RHEL centos-release-sclo
builds in Copr[2], but they remove centos-release-rh and I'm trying to
ensure the same RPMs can be used on all EL builds.

The baseurl in the package is
http://mirror.centos.org/centos/$releasever/sclo/$basearch/sclo/, which
on RHEL Server expands to .../centos/7Server/sclo/. Only the "7"
directory exists on the mirror.

Either the mirror could contain symlinks for 7Server -> 7, or the
release repo file[3] could be built with the URL hardcoded without using
$releasever, which was suggested in today's CBS IRC meeting.

Does anybody have any strong preference? If not, I'd like to suggest we
change the release repo file.


Dominic Cleal
dominic cleal org

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