[scl.org] Support and update life cycle

Tobias Bergmann tobi at tobipage.de
Wed Nov 16 08:19:47 UTC 2016


I am using redhat el because I know there will be updates for ~10 years
instead of just ~5 years with other distributions. That makes it much
easier to handle 50 and more servers over the years.

My main issue with redhat el is that the php is already too old when you
install a fresh newest redhat el 7.

There are a lot of repositories that make it easy to install a newer php
on redhat el 7 and with sclorg I think I found a clean and relyable one.

But there still is a concern. If I install a newer php with sclorg
repository now will there still be security updates in 10 years? It
doesn't make sense to use a linux distributions because of 10 years of
updates when the php doesn't get updates as long. The system won't be
safe with an old php.

So the question is: Will there be updates of sclorg packages as long as
the main version of redhat el gets updates?

Best Regards


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