[scl.org] Enabe Ruby193 in postfix context

Gabriele Pohl contact at dipohl.de
Fri Sep 9 17:21:59 UTC 2016


I hope you can give advice for the following use case.

I want to setup encrypted mailing list with Schleuder2 [1]
on my CentOS 6 server.

Although the installation guide [2]
states that ruby >=1.8.6. will be sufficient
I run into errors during installation 
concerning one gem that wants ruby >=1.9.3

Therefore I made my next try to install Schleuder2
with your software collection Ruby193.

The installation was successful then.

But I don't know how to solve the following issue
to get it up running and ready to be used.

Incoming mail for the mailing list will
be forwarded to the Listserver Schleuder
configured by entries in /etc/aliases

listname: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname at hostname"
listname-request: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname at hostname"
listname-bounce: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname at hostname"
listname-sendkey: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname at hostname"
listname-owner: "|/path/to/schleuderdir/bin/schleuder listname at hostname"

and until now postfix throws exception in maillog:

Command died with status 127: "/opt/rh/ruby193/root/usr/local/bin/schleuder listname at hostname". Command output: /opt/rh/ruby193/root/usr/bin/ruby: error while loading shared libraries: libruby.so.1.9: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

I tried to apply a recipe, that I found in your mailing list archive

test -f /opt/rh/ruby193/enable && source /opt/rh/ruby193/enable

I stored this command to /etc/profile.d/ruby.sh

It resulted in having ruby193 enabled in all user shells.

But the error in postfix aliases context was
not solved by it. I restarted the postfix MTA
and also rebooted the whole machine with no success
in this issue.

I will be happy about a helping hand.

With kind regards,


[1] http://schleuder2.nadir.org/
[2] http://schleuder2.nadir.org/documentation/v2.2/installation.html

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