[scl.org] Asking questions via StackOverflow

Remi Collet Fedora at FamilleCollet.com
Thu Apr 13 16:24:39 UTC 2017

Le 10/04/2017 à 15:51, Dominic Cleal a écrit :
> On 10/04/17 14:33, Honza Horak wrote:
>> As for creating the tag, it would be great if you could create one for 
>> us, because I don't have enough reputation on StackOverflow.. and not 
>> sure anybody else from SCL folks here does..
> I've created a tag called "software-collections" on the main Stack
> Overflow site:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/software-collections
> http://stackoverflow.com/tags/software-collections/info
> The tag wiki text is being reviewed at the moment.
> Please feel free to edit existing questions and add it.

Would it be possible to also create this tag on serverfault ?

Ex: https://serverfault.com/questions/844381


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