[scl.org] When will rh-postgresql94 SCL be updated in CentOS?

Tadej Janež tadej.j at nez.si
Wed Jul 19 14:34:48 UTC 2017


I have a fleet of CentOS and RHEL machines which use rh-postgresql94

I saw that RHEL machines got an update to version 9.4.12-1.el7, but the
CentOS machines didn't.

Searching the CBS, I found that version 9.4.9-1.el7 is the latest one:

Besides the obvious question stated in the subject, I would also kindly
ask for answers to:
1. What is the current process of updates flowing from RHSCLs to Centos
2. Where does softwarecollections.org fit into the picture?

Thanks and regards,

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