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Re: [scl.org] When will rh-postgresql94 SCL be updated in CentOS?

On 07/19/2017 04:34 PM, Tadej Janež wrote:

I have a fleet of CentOS and RHEL machines which use rh-postgresql94

I saw that RHEL machines got an update to version 9.4.12-1.el7, but the
CentOS machines didn't.

Hi Tadej, I've just started the builds, so they should get to the repos in couple of next days..

Searching the CBS, I found that version 9.4.9-1.el7 is the latest one:

Besides the obvious question stated in the subject, I would also kindly
ask for answers to:
1. What is the current process of updates flowing from RHSCLs to Centos

jstanek and myself are now the main "rebuilders", we have some tooling for taking the released sources and rebuilding in cbs.centos.org, but it's more ad-hoc action at this point. We're working on some better automation though.

2. Where does softwarecollections.org fit into the picture?

It currently serves as a catalog of collections, we don't rsync the packages any more, we just tell people what SCLs are available and how they can be enabled on RHEL and on CentOS, see for example:

Hope that answered your questions.

Thanks and regards,

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