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[scl.org] Asking questions via StackOverflow

The FAQ page says to ask questions on StackOverflow and use the "software-collections" tag. This tag is not currently available on StackOverflow and my points-count is too low to create it, myself. Any chance this lack of tac can be rectified by someone on the SCL team?

At any rate, the question I was attempting to post to StackOverflow was:

Our security folks prefer that we enable GPG-checking for all RPMs to be installed. We've recently started using packages from the CentOS.Org packaging of Software Collections. When I try to install these, yum helpfully yells at me about not having verifiable keys. When I look at the CentOS.Org site's page concerning GPG keys, the SCL packages are shown as having a key/fingerprint, but, unlike the other keys listed on that page, there's no download link.

Is the GPG verification key simply not available or am I simply missing something blindingly obvious. At any rate, any help in tracking down a checking-key that I can install to my systems would be of great assistance.

So, in short, is my goal achievable. If so, where do I find the verification keys and not just the key's printout?

You can only be -so- accurate with a claw-hammer. --me

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