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[scl.org] 6 SCL httpd24 still being updated?

Good Morning,

*cross posting this over from the main centos list, I misdirected the original query and Johnny suggested I ask here*

Specifically this is in reference to RHSA-2017:2483, which should increment the httpd24 packages to 25-9 in the SCL.  The SA was released on August 16th 2017, so it has some age to it, SCL httpd24 for 6 still sits at the previous, 25-8.

Some links for reference:

Online repo:

Has this packaged reached its end of updates in this repo?  It's a good set of CVEs at 70+ days now.

Additionally, and while I don't expect this to be in the CentOS repo yet due to its young age, there's another update to httpd24 that was just released four days ago, RHSA-2017:3018.

Looking for insight, or my own self initiated face palm because I'm missing something.


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