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Re: [scl.org] Introduction from me.

Hi Steve !

On 09/15/2017 09:35 AM, Steve Traylen wrote:


I've requested to join the Software Collections SIG.

Yes, I see your account awaits approval on accounts.centos.org now.

Initially I wanted to build and add rh-pythonXX-matplotlib against
the exisiting numpy packages but generally I will be building
more SLC packages. I run the interactive interactive login services
at work so mostly random clients and scientific packages.

For sclo python packages: we are in process of
making additional python packages available for pyhon27,34 and 35


(oops. reminds me I should have asked to push these to
production .. will ask now)

For above mentioned packages you can find specs here:


it would be certainly interesting and useful to get more in these collections !

So: welcome !


_ Jaroslaw_Polok ___________________ CERN - IT/CM/LCS _
_ http://cern.ch/~jpolok ________ tel_+41_22_767_1834 _
______________________________________+41_75_411_9487 _

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