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Re: [scl.org] LAMP setup using SCL

Thanks, I will think about it.

The thing is that I have to install all of those dependencies and I don't want to end up having a very complex to maintain system.

    gd with Freetype support
    MySQLi (required for PHP 5.5)
    MySQLnd (required for PHP 5.5 and above)

The software we need to get there is not maintained by us, so we'll have to stick to the versions they support. But I will try to push them to update to PHP 7, thanks.

On 23/02/18 13:51, Jeff Sheltren wrote:
On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 5:41 AM, Remi Collet <Fedora famillecollet com <mailto:Fedora famillecollet com>> wrote:

    Le 23/02/2018 à 13:33, Josep Manel Andrés Moscardó a écrit :
    > Hi Remi, thanks.
    > What do you mean pulling all packages from CentOS? CentOS base doesn't
    > have mysql 5.7 or php 5.6. Do you mean pulling them from CentOS SCL?

    Yes (which is a CentOS repository ;)

Not to steer you away from SCL for PHP and MySQL, but there is an alternative to doing so, which I use quite often:

* PHP from IUS repos https://ius.io/
* Updated MariaDB pacakges from MariaDB repos: https://downloads.mariadb.org/mariadb/repositories/

And generally I'd expect you can use httpd 2.4 from CentOS directly.

Beware that security support for PHP 5.6 ends upstream at the end of this year, so if at all possible, I'd recommend running PHP 7.x; you'll also get a huge performance boost from doing so, and depending on the application you're running, code changes should be minimal. See https://secure.php.net/supported-versions.php for more info on PHP supported releases.


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