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Re: [scl.org] Nginx Container - Secure version question

The nginx container is supported on all those environments -- OpenShift (thus also Kubernetes), or directly on RHEL (via docker/podman). There are just differences in how to put configuration and data files that nginx daemon should use.

If the documentation is not perfect, we welcome any feedback how to improve it. Please, share more details about your specific use case in that case.


On 12/7/19 11:31 PM, Humberto Ojeda wrote:

I am working on a container hardening team and I am responsible for hardening the NGINX container.  I came across your container in https://access.redhat.com/containers/?tab=docker-file#/registry.access.redhat.com/rhscl/nginx-114-rhel7/images/1-23, and have a couple of questions.

I see that it uses the s2i base image and there are some comments there about Openshift.  My question is.. is this image meant to work with Openshift, or was it meant as a generic container for other platforms as well (e.g. Kubernetes)?

I am trying to figure out whether I can make use of your container, or whether I will have to build it myself.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thank you!


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