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[scl.org] Community (sclo-) collections on alternate architectures

Hello everyone!
It has recently been brought to my attention that we have no sclo-prefixed collection synchronized on mirrors for alternate architectures – only on x86_64. I went through several sclo- collections and it seems this could be caused by not having any builds of them since the alternate architectures were enabled in CBS.

I already spoke with Remi Collet (CC'd) about his PHP collections
and he agreed to have them rebuilt and synchronized to the aarch64 and ppc64le architectures as well.

What about the others? If you maintain a (released) sclo- collection, would you be willing to rebuild it for the alternate architectures? Nothing major should be required, apart from (re-)bulding the collection packages in the correct order (since for the altarchs, the collection needs to be bootstrapped if necessary). I would be more than happy to lend you my aid, should you need it.

Looking forward to your responses and comments!
Jan Staněk
Associate Software Engineer
Red Hat EMEA
jstanek redhat com     IM: jstanek

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