[scl.org] how to configure mock for SCL ?

Jonathan MERCIER jmercier at cng.fr
Thu Jan 2 14:31:02 UTC 2020


I try to use mock wiyth SCL but I have some complication:

I have:

1/ a source rpm file from rpmbuild -bs ...

2/ a mock config file

$ cat fedora-30-scl-x86_64.cfg
config_opts['chroot_setup_cmd'] = 'install @buildsys-build 
scl-utils-build scl-utils'
config_opts['target_arch'] = 'x86_64'
config_opts['legal_host_arches'] = ('x86_64',)
config_opts['root'] = 'fedora-30-scl-x86_64'


3/ add current user to mock group and check it with th id command

4/ init the mock environnment

$ sudo mock -r fedora-30-scl-x86_64.cfg --init


5/ rebuild

$ sudo mock -r fedora-scl-30-x86_64.cfg --define "scl 
jonathan-llvm-ldc900"  --rebuild 

$ cat /var/lib/mock/fedora-30-scl-x86_64/result/build.log

follow the link to see its content ----> 


And that fail at this step!

The buildscript from the spec file is launched and fail as cmake do not 
found the source.

from the log I see the build directory it is: /builddir/build/BUILD/

but this directory do not exists.

So how to configure mock to create the expected buildir to be used for 
SCLs ?


Have a nice day


Jonathan MERCIER

Researcher computational biology

PhD, Jonathan MERCIER

Centre National de Recherche en Génomique Humaine (CNRGH)

Bioinformatics (LBI)

2, rue Gaston Crémieux

91057 Evry Cedex

Tel :(33) 1 60 87 83 44

Email :jonathan.mercier at cnrgh.fr <mailto:jonathan.mercier at cnrgh.fr>

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