[scl.org] How to use SCL inside a container

Jonathan MERCIER jmercier at cng.fr
Mon Jul 27 10:20:50 UTC 2020

Dear I tried to build a container both with docker and buildah and got 
the same message error from gitlab-ci

---> https://gitlab.com/jonathan-dlang/scl_metapackage/-/jobs/657306213

function scl in your environment!!!

What is those scl functions ?

We can see too that while scl_source  is calld (line 28) the list of 
loaded collection is empty (line 29)

I tried to use a scl_enable file as it is done by sclorg -> 

with the same error

Any help are welcome

best regards


Jonathan MERCIER

Researcher computational biology

PhD, Jonathan MERCIER

Centre National de Recherche en Génomique Humaine (CNRGH)

Bioinformatics (LBI)

2, rue Gaston Crémieux

91057 Evry Cedex

Tel :(33) 1 60 87 83 44

Email :jonathan.mercier at cnrgh.fr <mailto:jonathan.mercier at cnrgh.fr>

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