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[scl.org] How to use SCL inside a container

Dear I tried to build a container both with docker and buildah and got the same message error from gitlab-ci

---> https://gitlab.com/jonathan-dlang/scl_metapackage/-/jobs/657306213

31Missing function scl in your environment!!!

What is those scl functions ?

We can see too that while scl_source  is calld (line 28) the list of loaded collection is empty (line 29)

I tried to use a scl_enable file as it is done by sclorg -> https://github.com/sclorg/mariadb-container/blob/master/root-common/usr/share/container-scripts/mysql/scl_enable

with the same error

Any help are welcome

best regards


Researcher computational biology

PhD, Jonathan MERCIER

Bioinformatics (LBI)

2, rue Gaston Crémieux

91057 Evry Cedex

Tel :(33) 1 60 87 83 44

Email :jonathan mercier cnrgh fr

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