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[scl.org] Python S2I Images not taking the environment variables

Hello Team,

One of the customer wants to use the Python S2I Image ‘ubi7/python-36’ and ‘rhscl/python-36-rhel7’ with a local pypi mirror and pipenv.and they set the following env variables:

PIP_TRUSTED_HOST: pypi-mirror.mycompany.local
PIP_INDEX_URL: https://pypi-mirror.mycompany.local/artifactory/api/pypi/pypi.org/simple

However, the installation of pipenv fails because it does not use the environment vars. According to the source of the assemble script of the python s2i image of python the following script is used.


function install_pipenv() {
  echo "---> Installing pipenv packaging tool ..."
  virtualenv_bin "$VENV_DIR"
  $VENV_DIR/bin/pip --isolated install -U pipenv
  mkdir -p $HOME/.local/bin
  ln -s $VENV_DIR/bin/pipenv $HOME/.local/bin/pipenv
For the installation of pipenv, pip is using the --isolated option which ignores all environment vars.

Can we have a fix for this image to include the environment variables ?


Abhinay Purty

Associate Technical Support Engineer

Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.

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