[scl.org] Python >= 3.9.5

Nick Howitt nhowitt at clearcenter.com
Mon Jul 5 11:49:11 UTC 2021

I have been asked to look into running a package requiring Python >= 
3.9.5 in my distro, ClearOS7 which is a derivative of Centos7 and binary 
compatible with it. All that is needed is Python with pip support so 
that they can set up a virtual environment and run their package within 
it. It works fine with a command line installation of 3.9.5 but that is 
not distributable.

To me, the best route is to go down the scl route but it seems to be 
that there are some issues packaging python into an rpm because it needs 
to somehow bootstrap itself.

Is there any intention to create an rh-python39 package?

If there is no intention to create one, are there any build instructions 
or is there anyone who can help guide me?

I have started by cloning rh-python38 and changing all the references 
from 38 to 39, but this is relatively easy and creates 4 packages, 
rh-python, rh-python-build, rh-python-runtime and rh-python-scldevel. 
What comes next?

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