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Re: another kde crash?

> I started this thread, not the person you are
> 'replying' to here.  I
> posted concerning probable kde crashes wondering if
> anyone else had had
> similar experiences, or if anyone had any useful
> advice.  Generally
> everything works smoothly, apart from occasional
> system crashes.  I have
> no experience with gnome.  I don't see how my
> hardware should be the
> problem, it is not that obsolete (I have a P3 and a
> video card the
> Xconfigurator recognizes).


They weren't saying your hardware was to blame. They
were responding to my little rant about KDE and GNOME
dumping core files (sometimes) in my home dir. I have
never had a system crash, where the sys was locked up.
That hasn't happened in years with linux come to think
of it. Next time I will keep my big mouth shut.

Have a nice day.

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