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Re: Verifying something

Hi all:

I'm so terribly sorry. It was DS not DJ, in fact.
So perhaps, I can use:
Would that require ISP DNS server, still?

How could I write an MC parameter for that in the /etc/mail/sendmail.mc


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> On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, loeung vidol wrote:
> - Hi all:
> -
> - I set the smart host parameter in sendmail.cf to my ISP mail server like
> - this:
> - DJmail.isp.com. It would not work until I configure my Linux box as DNS
> - client to the ISP nameserver even though I have it in my local
> - file already. Am I doing it right?
> - Can we use IP instead of hostname?  like this:
> - DJ203.127.100.4
> First, smart host is 'DS'.  IIRC (I use postfix now) 'DJ' is the fully
> qualified domain name of the local machine.  Also check 'O
> ResolverOptions='.  If is set to +AAONLY (?) then sendmail will
> require an authoritative answer from a DNS server.
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