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Re: lilo - changing from 1st boot sect of boot part to MBR

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Hugo Carvalho wrote:

> On Tuesday 03 July 2001 03:28 pm, you wrote:
> > You do not have to uninstall lilo.
> i meant /sbin/lilo -u /dev/sda2 not lilo itself
> should I ?
You can, but you do not need to.  If you leave the old copy on
/dev/sda2, it doesn't hurt anything.  By the way, the uninstall command
is just "/sbin/lilo -u".

> >Just edit /etc/lilo.conf, and run
> > it.  It will write the boot loader to the MBR, and make the mecessary
> > updates.
> if i change boot= to point to the mbr (/dev/sda)
> and since my image root= is /dev/sda5,
> will lilo be able to access /boot which is in /dev/sda2
> if I do this change?
> thx
> h
It only changes where lilo writes the first stage loader, so if lilo can
access /boot now, it will still be able to.  Lilo does not have to
access your root partition when booting, just the /boot partition.

The boot loader part of lilo doesn't realy know about file systems - it
just know where on the disk to read its map file, and how to use the map
file to load the kernel, or loader so it can turn thing over to them.
This is why you have to run lilo when you change the kernel, even if the
vew kernel has the same name as the old one.  You are updating the
track/sector tables in the map file that lilo uses to boot the system.


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