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Re: 7.1 Installation Problem

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, James Jackson wrote:

> Hi all,
>     A friend burnt me the two CDs from the seawolf isos. The CD boots fine,
> and i can just the first part of the intall procedure (ie Linux booting up,
> with the penguin at the top). However, when the blue screen appears, after a
> little wait the following text appears at the bottom of the screen:
> Anaconda Loading... (Or something along those lines)
> exec: No such file or directory
> All processes are then killed, with a message saying an adnormal ending has
> occured and that it is safe to reboot.
> I have tried the disk on another machine and I get the same problem. Does
> this point to the CD being corrupt?

You need to check the md5sums of the iso's you burned from and of the cd's
themselves.  In linux this is easy:

$ md5sum seawolf-i386-disc1.iso seawolf-i386-disc2.iso
596b1575773e88e066326f6741312a6f  seawolf-i386-disc1.iso
f27b912299572a542cd663b712444445  seawolf-i386-disc2.iso

Those long strings of letters/numbers are the md5sums for the iso files.
You will (_should_) get the same results with the output of this command:

$ md5sum /dev/hdc  #(cdrom)
Which you'll have to run twice to check each cd.

Now, of course you may not have access to a linux machine yet.  Pitty.
See this webpage for more explanation and md5sum.exe for windows.


Ryan Camick                           "Don't quote me on that, I'm new"
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada             Red Hat Linux 7.1 / Kernel 2.4.5
Registered Linux User #207484                     http://counter.li.org

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