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Help needed -> Freeswan 1.9 + rawhide kernel 2.4.5 (RH 7.1)

Can anyone tell me how to install correctly freeswan 1.9 into my redhat
7.1 with rawhide kernel-source-2.4.5 ?

I have this problem:
[root echelon freeswan-1.91]# make insert
echo "===============" >>out.kpatch
echo "`date` `cd /usr/src/linux ; pwd`" >>out.kpatch
make _patches2.3 BINDIR=/usr/local/lib/ipsec PUBDIR=/usr/local/sbin
PRIVDIR=/usr/local/lib/ipsec REALPRIVDIR=/usr/local/lib/ipsec
MANTREE=/usr/local/man DESTDIR= INSTALL="install" >>out.kpatch
utils/patcher: patch on /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Configure.help
utils/patcher: restoring original
utils/patcher: leaving patch attempt in
make[1]: *** [_patches2.3] Error 1
make: *** [patches] Error 2

And I have this information:

> The kernel sources that are included in RedHat are somewhat patched,
> and usually resemble -ac kernels, especially since Alan Cox is a Red
> Hat employee... The Config.help file is therefore somewhat different
> from that
> of a pristine kernel, and the patch in freeswan 1.91 does not apply
> cleanly. You can work around this by hand editing the Config.help file,
> and then either generating an appropriate patch file and inserting it in
> substitution to the one in your personal copy of freeswan
> (klips/patches2.2/Documentation.Configure.help), or just putting an empty
> patch file in there, since you already hand edited the file and therefore
> you don't need to patch it any more.
> This is what I did to apply freeswan 1.91 to a 2.4.5-ac18 kernel, and it
> worked fine. I am sure that many people in the freeswan users list have
> had to work around your problem already, and you may ask them the patch,
> instead of doing it yourself, but then you would be losing all the
> fun...

I am starting to feel a headache

Any idea? any solution?



Please answer me in text plain and use spanish if you can/want.
Also please reply with the original text and subject.
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