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Re: heat sensors

Mike Chambers wrote:

> When does someone need to worry the heat of their CPU and using the sensors
> and stuff?  I take it pretty much anything above 1 GHZ starts to need added
> attention and anything below that should run fine as is except if in a very
> hot place?

Even if you think your system is fine as it is, you should still consider
looking over the ventaliation system you have in place. I built my silicon
monster linux box from scratch recently so I had the opportunity to shop for a
case that gets good ratings on Xeon/Alpha/SMP based systems. Nice big tower
with plenty of room for devices or fans. Fans are cheaper than devices so you
can imagine where I put the money in. Sounds like a jet turbine lol. It
shouldn't but it doesn't bug me. But most people have to make due with what
they have so in that case do a little homework on the matter, visit sites
devoted to OverClocking, SMP, server boards, case modifying. Who better would
know about burning your box than a site full of OCing freaks?

here are some links i came across:


So to answer your question, its my opinon that everybody, no matter what type
of system they have, should be concerned about overheating. And dont trick
yourself into thinking its as easy as buying a couple fans and popping them
into your drive bay. Check out those links and read the docs these guys wrote
that went before you because you might save yourself alot of time and
fustration. Eg. Adding some fans that blow in on certain locations and not
having enough blowholes or fans venting it out can cause a heat vortex inside
your case. Then the dust factor, the noise factor, the power drain on your
p/s, etc..

Hope that helps

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