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Re: kernel-2.4.5-10 from rawhide

On 11 Jul 2001 22:24:55 +0100 mark <mark extension2 freeserve co uk>
spake unto us:

> Mike:
> Iam not going to install a newer kernel if iam unable to compile it
> and
> install extra modules for future use, thats why i like to be able to
> rebuild a kernel src rpm (extra peice of mind) and yes i know that
> there
> are different binary kernel rpms in rawhide (as thats what iam running
> now)...
> ABrady:
> Anyway i think i may have found the problem, iam unable to compile the
> new kernel on my machine, it keeps generally internally segfaulting
> whilst compiling, on the other machine now it works fine, both
> machines
> are setup exactly the same way (apart rfom different mobo and this one
> has a higher cpu).
> So iam going to remove all my memory and try 128 mb at a time and see
> if
> it helps, as if ists faulty memory, then that could explain the
> locking
> as well
> As for the parport_serial.o, i recompile the kernel on hte other
> machine
> and altered the .config files and removed parport_serial and now no
> problems at all...
> I also get the sound server errors as well, yet all my sound is
> running
> great ..
>                 Mark

Great. Just for S&G I downloaded and rebuilt the src.rpm. I received a
gazillion warnings about things and it was still rebuilding when I went
to work, When I came back I had kernel, kernel-enterprise and
kernel-smp. So that experiment worked OK. I may also install it and see
what happens.

When I compile from tarballs, they build fine and fail during boot.
That's been pretty consistent on 2.4 kernels. Never had such problems
wit 2.0 or 2.2 versions. Even in the early days, they either failed to
build, or they worked or I forgot to build in a few modules. Here I can
select the modules, they get built, the kernel is built and it fails
during boot. Spooky!

Earth first!  We'll strip-mine the other planets later.

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