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Re: kernel-2.4.5-10 from rawhide

mark wrote:
> mm,
>     I had to spend 3 hrs taking each memory stick out of my machine,
>     each time the kernel failed to build, untill i removed the last
>     stick (allways the same) and now it builds great, as machine seems
>     more responsive.

A little late now, but if you suspect memory problems
try this.  http://www.memtest86.com
( actuall is http://www.teresaudio.com/memtest86/ )

It was written by someone frome SGI.
Put it on a floppy, then you can boot the
test quickly, as you change SIMMs/DIMMs
Most problems will show up in the first 10-20 min
of the test, depending on the module size and
CPU speed.

It's probably faster, and more reliable
than the route you took (boot, compile, shutdown, move memory)

I have it listed in lilo so I can run it when I want.
It is handy when adding memory or fixing other machines :)


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