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Re: Using IDE CD-ROM changer with samba?

Steve Snyder wrote:
> Can anyone provide me with info on how all the disks in the changer can be
> exported via Samba?

Check this. 

I used it with the 2.2 kernels until
I replaced the drive. It probably
needs some work to get it to build
with gcc-2.96(RH) and the 2.4 kernels.

Send the author email, jeroen unfix org
and ask about a patch for the 2.4 kernels.
I'll try to fix the patch if you cannot
reach him, but it's hard to test,  without
a changer.

I had it working with autofs, but never
got NFS work with autofs. If I mounted all 4
disks, then NFS worked fine, so samba should too.
Just have to unmount manually to change disks.
If it's to be used with the same disks for a while
it's fine. But don't try to pull files
from more than one disk at a time, it keeps
swapping disks, and nevers reads much data:(

He was going to put a timer in it to give each disk
a minimum access period, but I don't know what happened.

I also had code to change the disk, without ejecting.
It came from a text file, in linux/Documentation/cdrom/ide-cd
at the end.


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