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X starts but all I get is the mouse pointer

Hello all,

I've come across a slightly strange (well, to me) problem. I've just newly installed 7.1 on a Pentium I -machine with 48 K and an S3 964 Video Card. No trouble during that, except for the X installation which failed. Every time I now try to start X it will start up normally and show the "x" mouse cursor which will change to the normal mouse pointer after a few seconds, but that's all. The screen underneath stays dark and will not change. There is a small area in the middle of the screen (invisible of course) over which the pointer will change to a hand, but clicking that has no effect, though pressing Enter will make it go away.

I've read through fiddled with the settings in XF86Config (which seems to be the relevant file in this case, though I'd have expected XF86Config-4, but it doesn't do anything) and gotten nowhere. The first install I did was with KDE as the Window manager and I did another install chosing Gnome, but that didn't change anything.

The other strange thing is that I cannot find the XF86 log file. I've looked under /var/log but it isn't there like it is on my other RH machine. Has this been moved under 7.1? (And if somebody could tell me why "startx > xlog 2>&1" doesn't give me a file with all the messages X generates I'd be much obliged too:-).

Any help would very muchly appreciated,



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