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Re: Kpilot over USB???

* William W. Austin (waustin romulan alphga att com) wrote:
> Recently I got a PalmPilot m505 to replace my older Palm V, and the 505 comes
> with a USB cradle instead of a serial version.
> So far, I am having to use my wife's (win98) pc for sync's, etc., instead of
> kpilot on one of my linux boxes, and having never had to use the USB port on my
> system before I have a couple of questions.  I *did* rtfm, and the docs, however
> I haven't found anything which helps me yet, so I'm asking. 
> I have the USB ports enabled on my box and have the usb modules loaded (usb-uhci
> and usbcore), I'm not having any luck -- so some questions:
> A)	I *appear* to have the USB ports enabled, but this is a system with no
> 	windoze partition at all, and I can't test them out that way.  What are
> 	the correct device names to try?  I have tried /dev/usb/ttyUSB[0-15]
> 	without success.  The section in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf on USB looks like
> 	the following:
> 		class: OTHER
> 		bus: USB
> 		detached: 0
> 		driver: unknown
> 		desc: "USB UHCI Root Hub"
> 		usbclass: 9
> 		usbsubclass: 0
> 		usbprotocol: 0
> 		usbbus: 1
> 		usblevel: 0
> 		usbport: 0
> 		vendorId: 0000
> 		deviceId: 0000
> 		productrevision: unknown
> 		-
> 	So what am I missing here, and/or what ports should I be trying?

This issue came up on the jpilot list and David D. (pilot-link guy)
says there is no work around right now because palm won't release
the specs on the USB comms. The correct solution is to buy a regular
serial cradle (takes forever to get them I am told).

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