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Re: Memory requirements for RH7.1

> Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 18:58:53 +1000 (EST)
> Subject: Re: Install memory requirements on RedHat 7.1
> From: "Andrew Smith" <rhml k1k2 com>
> Sigh ... ask a question and everybody thinks
> it's something worth arguing about :-)
> On the RedHat site it says 4M under the FAQ
> for RUNNING RedHat

The Red Hat installer (7.1) is hard-coded for 32MB period.
The newer 2.4 kernel is aggressive in it's swap usage. I generally
use twice the RAM as a working figure. 
I am running the 2.4.2 kernel on a 16MB machine (hand upgraded). I havent
tried anything lower. RH5.2 is listed at 8MB.

The RH7.0 installer was listed at 32MB also, but I have installed it
in text only at 20-24MB.

> I would bet that there are a lot more than
> 50 486's running RedHat. Try 500,000 to be
> in the ballpark.

Easily more than 500,000 even, worldwide.

> (I still do run one machine 6.2 but that will
> change when it can be taken offline for a
> while)

I run (one each) 5.2/6.2/7.0 boxen as well to build RPM's for friends 
who havent caught the "buy a new car every year" fever.

I also run one 486SX20 with 32MB of 30pin SIMMS with RH7.1.
Waste not want not.

Henri J. Schlereth

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