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Re: Sendmail Weirdness, Or Welcome to WinHat 7.1

On 16 Jul 2001 09:47:29 -0400, Chuck Mead wrote:

> For a very, very long time Red Hat has been repeatedly accused of
> releasing their distro in an insecure state... sendmail was always
> released as an open relay, telnet was enabled by default, many,
> many, many ports were left open to the world by default. So... in
> response to this valid criticism Red Hat has now started doing the
> exact opposite...  they now release with default configurations in a
> secure posture. I think it's important to note that in (my own
> non-scientific estimate) 100% of the cases the previous
> critique/accusation was being made by people who *are* capable of
> fixing/locking down their own machines. The newbies don't care...
> they just get owned and didn't know the difference anyway! So now
> that the problem has been fixed does that mean that the same class
> of people get to criticize Red Hat for *fixing* the problems they
> were previously being bitched out for? I don't think so.

You literally read my mind :-)
The thread is silly. Yes it is. RH has always been bitched at for being
not "secure per default" enough, and now that things get a littler
tighter there's massive complaining.

I might agree with doc, that it should be slightly more documented (even
though reading the RELEASE-NOTES is a must always.) just as the massive
libwrap usage should have been publicized a bit more as well. But still
this is the RIGHT way to go.


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