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RE: Sendmail Weirdness, Or Welcome to WinHat 7.1

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Vik Heyndrickx wrote:

> doc wrote:
> And that statement probably means that you don't read any file unless it
> is named README.

No, that statement means that Andrew originally indicated that there was
 This job was on a remote box, not installed by me. I was away from
home, without the RH CDs available. And that's just a fact in the life of a
consultant. The install media may not be available, so documentation on
the install CD *isn't* adequate.

 Some of you guys are seriously twisted. If you'll actually read my
original post, it wasn't flamebait. I was attempting to

 A) point out that the current documentation doesn't adequately cover
the situation, and that the online Reference Guide is completely

B) get some kind of rationale for this setup.

 I also pointed out that I *prefer* RedHat on a server.
 So why the flames? What I got was a LOT of sarcasm, several statements
that "if I knew what I was doing" it wouldn't be a problem, and a bunch
of combative slag.
 It's interesting though; the most sarcastic and rude comments,
including yours, were all wrong.

See ya later.

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