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Linux friendly motherboard

Apologies if this goes out twice. I don't understand why this is a
closed list? Doesn't redhat realize people might be reading and
repsonding to posts with different email addresses?

Quick question...

Do any of the manufacturers make a linux friendly motherboard? I'm not
sure what the definition of linux friendly is; maybe doesn't require
MSDOS to upgrade? I've tried both the ASUS and Abit, next time I'm going
away from VIA. I'm considering waiting for the Nvidia board (not a huge
time constraint), but I'm not sure that will solve the problem. 

I realize that I could just keep an MSDOS floppy lying around, but I
guess I'm interested in the principle of the matter. Is it possible to
assemble a linux box (for any amount of money) that doesn't require some
form of a microsoft product to maintain??



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