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Re: Linux friendly motherboard

On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer wrote:

>> That goes from my lowly 486, K6200, K6-300, K5-133, and two dual
>> 1Ghz P-III systems.  Most have no floppy drive also, I boot from
>> CD.  It has been at least several years since I needed an MSDOS
>> floppy for anything at all.
>If you want to update your BIOS, you'll usually need a DOS disk
>- but there's no reason to use MS-DOS, especially not if DR-DOS
>(which was much better anyway) is freely downloadable.
>(Or you just use FreeDOS (http://www.freedos.org/) which is even Open
>Source - but last time I checked, it wasn't in a state where I'd trust it
>to update my firmware without crashing).

Well that is true, but it isn't as if someone updates their BIOS
once a day/week/month or anything.  I hate using M$ products, but
if I need to update my BIOS I'm not that religious about things
that I wouldn't boot off a 6 year old DOS 6.22 floppy.

I'd actually rather boot off the 6.22 floppy also just for better
assurance that the BIOS doesn't get fried.  Not to say anything
bad about FreeDOS of course, but I doubt AMIflash was tested
using FreeDOS, and I wouldn't want any surprises flashing a BIOS.


If someone is that pedantic though, FreeDOS certainly does work.
One might even be able to use it in DOSemu.  I have changed
IRQ's, etc on ISA NIC's using the DOS config tools for them in
DOSemu without having to reboot.  Wouldn't risk a BIOS flash, but
it works for ISA NICs.  ;o)

    Mike A. Harris  -  Linux advocate  -  Open Source advocate
       Opinions and viewpoints expressed are solely my own.

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