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Re: Flamebait; Was Re: lilo and windows NT

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Thomas Dodd wrote:

>> > will this install the NT loader back in the MBR or call it from where ever it
>> > is (NT part  I guess)?
>> Oh, yeah.
>>  I dunno why Linux won't boot NT, even if ntfs is compiled into the
>> kernel. Maybe somebody else can enlighten us.
>LILO can boot NT, I've done it before,

This is true.

>but NT wants stuff in the right place. You can only boot from
>NTFS (even in NT) if it is the first partition (on the first
>drive I think). Other partitions have to be FAT, and not FAT32.

This is not.  NT can boot from any primary or secondary
partition. The restriction is that IIRC the boot partition must
be 4Gb or less and be below 1024 cyls.  It can boot from either
FAT16 or NTFS and NT does not ever require an NTFS partition.

You're right about FAT32 tho.  After admining an NT network in a
former life, and setting up some nasty multiboot scenarios, I
will say that the above isn't necessarily all completely
straightforward, but it is possible.  On a multiboot install with
NT I recommend putting it on the 1st partition though and after
downloading the updated ATAPI.SYS from M$ for large disk support.

The best recommendation for NT though is "Not Touch".  ;o)

    Mike A. Harris  -  Linux advocate  -  Open Source advocate
       Opinions and viewpoints expressed are solely my own.
If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0

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