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Odd problems since upgrading from 7.0 --> 7.1

Ever since I upgraded my firewall to 7.1, logging seems to be
acting spurious. The ppp chat scripts no longer log to syslog
and nmap -O comes back with the following message:

FATAL: Unknown datalink type (12). Caplen: 0; Packet:

I can run nmap from behind the firewall which would suggest
a problem with ipchains as implemented by 7.1 versus 
iptables. I can run nmap against the interfaces on the
firewall (ppp0,eth0,eth1). The ipchains rules worked
under 7.0 as did nmap and ppp logging.

I am on the RedHat ppp list before anyone mentions it. 
I also have debug and persist in my pppoptions and
chat -v is in the if(ppp) scripts.

The ipchains mailling list is defunct, so let's not 
start out by suggesting I go there or switch to iptables, ok?
There are some current problems with iptables that
suggest a kernel upgrade to 2.4.6 and a newer version
of iptables. I am not going to do this to fix a
problem that may be fixed. If I revert it will go away.

I have my choices between the kernel (errata 2.4.3-12),
syslog/ppp/ipchains causing these problems.
Turning off ipchains does not fix the problem.

The clue I mainly need is does anyone know what the
unkown datalink type message might be. I have 
posted to nmap-hackers as well but no answer yet.

Henri J. Schlereth

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